Aluminium colour coated coil

Alloy: A1100, A3003, A5005, A8011, etc
Temper: H14,H18,H24,H26,etc
Alu Thickness: 0.018mm-2mm
Alu Width: 500mm-2300mm
Colour: Solid, Metallic, Brush, Mirror, Stone, Wooden, or match customers'colour sample
Thickness of Coating: 25μm, +/- 1μm

High gloss, high flexibility, impact resistance, excellent weather-proof durabilityAnti-ultraviolet, high erosion resistance, stable colour and gloss, good mechanical processing performance, brasion resistance.

Technical information
NO. Test Item National Standard Test Result
1 Colour Difference E≤2.0 E≤1.5
2 Gloss Difference ≤10 ≤5
3 Coating Thickness Two layers min 23 μm 25μm
4 Pencil Hardness HB HB
5 T-Bend ≤2T ≤1T
6 Adhersion Grade 0 Grade 0
7 Impact
8 Boiling Water Resistance 2h No change 4h No change
9 Solvent Resistance 200 times paint remaining 500 times paint remaining
10 Acidity Resistance 5% 24hrs No change No change
11 Alkali Resistance 5% NaOH 24hrs No change E≤2.0 No change
12 Nitric Acid Resistance E≤5.0 E≤5.0
13 Oil Resistance 20 oil 24hrs No change No change
14 Salt Spray Resistance 4000 hrsGrade 1 No change
15 Abrasion Resistance 5L/μm 5L/μm
16 Dirt Resistance ≤5% ≤5%
17 Colour Retaining 4000 hrs E≤4.0 4000 hrs E≤3.0
18 Gloss Weaken Level 4000 hrsGrade 2 4000 hrsGrade 2
19 MEK 4000 hrs No change 4000 hrs No change
Application for aluminium ceiling, aluminium composite panel, aluminium signal paneladvertisement board, roofing, roller shutter, wall cladding, facade downpipe.
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