Hyperbolic aluminium panel

With the diversification of architecture appearances and styles, double-curved aluminium solid panel has became increasingly popular to the owners and curtain-wall designers. Because of its great processing difficulty, and few factories producing double-curved panel, the original design schemes need to be given up in many projects, resulting in that the overall effect of curtain wall can not accurately express the design concept of the architects.

We made bold explorations and innovations independently and resolved the difficult technology producing and designing double-curved aluminium solid panel in aluminium solid panel industry via skin stretch technology and the principle of three-dimensional modeling, become one of a few enterprises which can batch produce double-curved aluminium solid panel and complicated special shapes. This provides wider imagination and design space for architects.

Double-curved aluminium solid panel produced by our company is equipped with advanced equipment featured by exquisite workmanship, high quality and short delivery time. The effect of aluminium solid panel is better than that of the common double-curved solid panel produced by cutting and welding; the installation effect is better than that of artificial double-curved one so called of “curve from straight”. It fully displays the irreplaceable and unique charm of double-curved aluminium solid panel on metal curtain wall. 

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