PVDF patterned aluminium solid panel

Advantages and performance of pvdf patterned aluminium solid panel

Variety of patterns natural color
   Wooden & Stone colour, made through heating line with high-temperature of 224~255℃.

Emulational pattern
   Both the original texture and stone texture are taken from real material, therefore, they are full of textural quality of wood and stone.

Extremely various patterns
   Patterns of more than 800 kinds of marble textures and 200 kinds of wooden textures can be imitated.

Complete coating specifications
    Thickness of aluminium can be between 0.06~3.0mm and the panel width reaches up to 1600mm which not only can meet the demand of fluorocarbon spraying aluminium solid panel, but also can be widely used in aluminium ceiling, aluminium composite panel, polyurethane thermal insulation panel and aluminium honeycomb panel ,etc.

Comparing with natural stone materials, the advantages of stone finish aluminium panels as follows:
1.    Light weight
2.    Low cost
3.    Convenient installation of curtain wall
4.    Environmental protection and energy saving
5.    Anti-dirty and self-cleaning
6.    Weathering time longer than stone material
7.    Good ductility, which may be processed into various shapes

Comparing with natural wooden materials, the advantages of wooden finish aluminium panel as follows:
1.    Weathering time longer than natural wooden material
2.    Good weatherability, which can be applied to indoor and outdoor and all kinds of circumstances
3.    Corrosion –resistant and moisture-proof
4.    Anti-dirty and self-cleaning
5.    Fluorocarbon imitated wooden texture aluminium panel have the effect of reducing power consumption, because the re-verse side can be filled with thermal insulation and acoustic insulation material.
6.    Convenient and safe installation of curtain wall
7.    Good ductility, which may be processed into various shapes
8.    Fluorocarbon imitated wooden texture aluminium panel have a large number of patterns with arbitrariness.

PVDF patterned aluminium solid panel has completely the same excellent performance as common fluorocarbon coating, and also same patterns as with natural stone and wood. It may be used in the building together with natural stone and wood, without obvious distinction.
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